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Cool images from Genesee County

Cool images from Genesee County

Here areĀ a collection of interesting photos or perspective from Genesee County in 2016. When were out there creating content, we come across a few unique images.

New Rip Curl Racer ride at Darien Lake Amusement Park
Crazy looking ghords at Pulley’s Market in LeRoy
Interesting design work in a field outside of Stafford.
The venerable Batavia Downs sign on a sunny summer afternoon.
Part of a large mural in Oakfield.
Somebody loves beets. Taken on the backroads.
Signs of the times in the Town of Alabama.
The causeway in the middle of LeRoy.
Before social media, there were autograph books. Found at the Pembroke Museum.
Walkway at the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge.
Cobblestone in the Town of Alexander.
Reminders of the past. Oakfield Historical Society.
All aboard this small-scale train at the Holland Land Office Museum in Batavia.

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